Carbon products – variable uses for multiple applications

Steam joint seals, carbon bearings, armoured carbon rings and much more

Our expertise in high-quality seals and bearings made of carbon

KLINGER Bartsch cultivates a passion for graphite going back for decades. What’s more, the company has amassed a wealth of expertise relating to carbon products for high-quality seals and bearings!

Our product range includes rings of carbon for use in mechanical seals and their utilisation as bearings and/or rotary unions. We also use carbon for seating rings in ball valves, as seal rings and mating rings in a stainless steel cartridge or in general as a component for transferring heat or electricity.

Steam joint seals, carbon bearings, armoured carbon rings and much more: We form this precious material into a wide variety of shapes for a multitude of applications. For this we offer diverse carbon grades and features such as non-impregnated, impregnated with synthetic resin or with antimony. We can provide you with the carbon product that best fits your particular needs, depending on the ambient conditions (temperature, for example) and location or type of application (as in the food sector).

Take advantage of our widely varied selection – independent of any given manufacturer – of carbon grades for a well-balanced price-performance ratio. We would gladly serve you with our advice!

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