The Pure graphite rings

The DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) graphite ring supplements and improves the use of the pure graphite ring, the well-tried solution in the sealing area that has been used for years. KLINGER Bartsch points out new advantages and possible uses.

The proven solution for sealing: THE PURE GRAPHITE RINGS

The pure graphite ring is a years-long, well proven solution for sealing. And because of its outstanding properties, it can be used in a wide spectrum. But the solution not only harbours advantages.

Advantages of the pure graphite rings

  • Seal for difficult media in challenging environments
  • Outstanding sealing properties
  • Durability in a wide variety of media
  • Suited for high pressure applications

Disadvantages of the pure graphite rings

  • Stick-slip effect, adherence of graphite/carbon to steel/stainless steel
  • Mechanical removal of adhered material leads to damage

Our customers asked us to offer a product that can be used as an all-rounder for every type of media. We used knowledge from the DLC process after a variety of trials and solution approaches in order to minimise the negative aspects.


The solutions from the field
of DLC surface technology


  • DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)
  • Surface coating with carbon
  • Result: reduction of friction, long surface coating lifetime

This process from surface technology was proven to be optimally applicable and has been tested under long-term real conditions and found to be feasible. By coating the seals with carbon, adherence to a variety of materials has been prevented. Now we are able to offer a proposed solution that allows a combination with different materials.


15-month long-term trial – KLINGER Bartsch GmbH

  • Coating of graphite gaskets and pure graphite rings with DLC
  • Long-term test under high pressure using a retrofit fixture
  • Test process / time period: July, 2019 – October 2020
  • Result: also after a long pressure loading there was no Stick-Slip effect.

If you’re interested, you may download the results and the trial process at or request more information by telephone or email.



“Diamond Like Carbon”, also known as DLC for short, is a surface coating based on a multi-stage high-tech process that measures just a few micrometers. In the process, the surface is vaporized with a diamond-like carbon in order to produce an incomparable surface hardness and a deep black appearance

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