Water jet cutting of aluminium

Computer-controlled, a fine focused water jet cuts aluminium up to a thickness of 200 mm with high pressure.

Material Aluminium

Minimum thickness: 1 mm
Maximum thickness: 200 mm

Fields of application: Plant construction / tank construction / mechanical engineering


  • AlMg3 / EN AW 5754
  • AlMg4,5Mn / EN AW 5083
  • AlMgSi1 / EN AW 6082
  • AlCuMg1 / EN AW 2017
  • AlZnMgCu1.5 / EN AW 7075

Precision plates: (fine milled, film coated on both sides)

  • AlMg4,5Mn / EN AW 5083
  • AlZnMgCu1.5 / EN AW 7075
    (other grades on request)

You have questions about waterjet technology, the use of various materials or the production of test cuts or even complex production consulting? We are looking forward to your inquiry!



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