Water jet cutting of other materials

Computer-controlled, a fine focused water jet cuts of other materials

Other materials as glass, building materials or hard paper


Materials as

Carbon, felt, tiles, glass, hard tissue, wood, cork, foam rubber

We cut various other materials for you in various strengths:


hard tissue:

hard paper:
HP2061 / Pertinax


  • Floatglas
  • VSG

Building material:

  • Fliesen
  • Porenbeton
  • Klinker
  • Betonsteine


  • MDF
  • Multiplex
  • Sperrholz
  • OSB
  • Kork
  • HPL
  • (other grades on request)


You have questions about waterjet technology, the use of various materials or the production of test cuts or even complex production consulting? We are looking forward to your inquiry!


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